2022 Most Improved Player
Tracy McGeorge


Tracy McGeorge was presented the “2022” Most Improved Player Award at the kick-off dinner Tuesday January 24th.  Tracy was the 21st player to receive the award since its inauguration in 2002.  The candidates are kept a secret and winning the award was a surprise and an honor for Tracy.

This year’s winner worked hard to improve her golfing skills.  She decreased her handicap index from 23.9 on January 1, 2022 to 20.4 on December 31, 2022.  To qualify for the award a player must be a paid member of MPWGA for the entire calendar year, have played a minimum of 12 MPWGA Tuesday play days and posted a minimum of 48 18-hole rounds throughout the year.  Tracy easily met these requirements.

Tracy and Jaci moved to Saddlebrooke a year and a half ago.  She has not only become active in several golfing groups each week but has also volunteered to serve on the MPWGA board.

The winner each year is presented with a beautiful engraved crystal along with a personalized bag tag.

Congratulations Tracy!!

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