Due to the changes at The Preserve Golf Course with the sprigging taking place, the AGA has provided temporary slopes and ratings for us to use.  These are currently in place in GHIN and in Golf Genius until the golf course is returned to normal.

Holes #8 and #10 will be played as par 3’s, so look for temporary tee boxes at around 100 yards on both holes.  Since hole #17 is closed, you will skip this hole and use par plus pops on your scorecard for posting purposes.

If you have any questions about posting scores during these changes, please contact our Handicap Chair, Ann VanSickel.

SB2 Homeowner’s Signing Privilege Application/Agreement Form

Eva Langdahl – Eagle on Hole #10 at MountainView – June 18th

Jo Helms – Eagle on Hole #10 at MountainView – June 7th

2020 Aerification & Overseed Dates


MountainView Closed: July 13th – August 2nd


Preserve Closed: September 21st – October 11th

MountainView Closed: October 12th – November 1st

The aerification dates are a bit of a change from the past schedules and will allow us to have (1) total week less closure than in years past while still accomplishing the work required for a successful aeration