An important component of the Handicap System is peer review, which provides golfers within a club the ability to review other club members’ scoring records.  According to the Rules of Handicapping (Rule 4.4) “player scoring records must be accessible to all other members of the golf club.”  There are several ways for members to access players’ scoring records: Website – Upon login there is a ‘Peer Review’ button on the left menu of the player’s Member Dashboard.  When clicked, a listing of all players on the local roster will appear.  Clicking on any name on the roster affords a view of handicap assigned and general scoring information.  You can also toggle to lookup any player outside of the roster by Name or GHIN Number Lookup. – Upon login to the site use the ‘Golfer Lookup’ option.  Three tabs will then be available:  ‘Following’ tab allows you to save any players to a following list and have them readily available for peer review purposes; ‘My Clubs’ tab will list all fellow players on the local roster; or ‘All Golfers’ tab allows for search of any player with a USGA handicap by Name or GHIN.

Apps – The Arizona Golf Association app and GHIN app both mirror functionality listed above for

On-Site Score Posting Kiosk – Kiosks may be used to lookup any player with a USGA handicap by Name or GHIN.

USGA Admin Portal Database – Read-Only access to the USGA Admin Portal Database is available to MPWGA members.  To request Read-Only access, contact the MPWGA Handicap Chair.  Access is available from January 1st to December 15th of each year.

March 2020