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MPWGA players have the option to play from multiple tee choices on regular Tuesday Play Days at both MountainView and The Preserve.  This option is flexible week to week.  Tees must be selected when the members sign up for each Tuesday golf date on ForeTees.  Red Tees will remain our regular Association tees for all  GROSS format games.  Special Events Chairs will have flexibility to decide which tees to use for each tournament.


  • Weekly tee selection for regular Tuesday Play Days must be made on ForeTees when members sign up to play.

  • This policy is designed to allow members to choose the same tees as often as they like or to change their tee selection every week.

  • MountainView tee choices are Yellow Tees, Red/Yellow Combo, Red Tees, Green/Red Combo or Green Tees.

  • Preserve tee choices are Red/Yellow Combo, Red Tees, Green/Red Combo or Green Tees.

  • To qualify to win in GROSS format games or tournaments, such as Ace of the Month/Year (Gross) and Club Championship, members must play from the Red Tees on the date of that event.

  • Special Event Tournaments will offer only the tee selection(s) chosen by individual Tournament Chairs.


Under the USGA Handicap System, when players competed from different tees, a Course Handicap Adjustment was made based on the Course Rating difference in order to make the game fair.  Under the new World Handicap System (WHS), Course Handicap Calculations allow players to compete from different tees without an additional adjustment, unless a difference in PAR exists.  PAR from all tees at MountainView and The Preserve is 72, therefore no additional adjustment will be necessary.

Updated July 26, 2020