Fast play isn’t accomplished by hurrying, it is accomplished by NOT WASTING TIME.

Below are a few “hints” to help us play 4-hour rounds, instead of 5-hour rounds.

1) Before beginning your round, make sure you have enough tees in your pocket to play the round (five or six), a provisional ball, a ball marker and a green repair tool.

2) The players in the cart which gets to the tee first should tee off first.

3) Be aware of your position with regard to the group in front, & keep up with that group.

4) Be the advocate in your group for staying on pace and alert your other players if you feel your group is falling behind.

5) BE READY TO HIT YOUR SHOT (see #6). Unless it will interfere with another player, be prepared to hit out of sequence if the player who is away is not ready or able to hit. If someone’s ball is lost, play your ball FIRST, then help look for the lost ball.

6) Do not SIT IN THE CART and wait to be driven to your ball. Get out, figure your distance, have some clubs ready, walk to your ball, & hit your shot.

7) Don’t start a conversation on the tee if the fairway is open.

8) Watch and listen intently if you or your playing partner hits an errant shot so you can easily identify a landmark when looking for her ball. (See #5).

9) Shorter hitters should hit as soon as the group ahead is out of your way, regardless of the honors.

10) You don’t need to mark your ball on the green unless your ball is in someone’s line or close to their line. If you do mark, be able to identify YOUR ball quickly.

11) Don’t wait to line up your putt when it is your turn to putt. It can be lined up long before that.

12) Park your cart or place your bag in a position (on your way to the next tee) so that the group behind can hit to the green as your group is walking off the green.

13) Place your spare clubs on the green on the exit route to your golf cart or bag.

14) The first player to finish the hole is responsible for replacing the flag immediately upon completion of the hole.

15) Record your scores on the way to or at the next tee, not at the green.