Chelsea System

Chelsea System: Reserving Tee Times

Click here for Online Chelsea Quick Reference Guide

MountainView/The Preserve Golf Clubs use an automated tee time system to reserve, cancel, and edit tee times. It’s called the “Chelsea Tee Time System” and is operated by phone by calling 825-3509, or by using the online Chelsea system at   With this system, the priority of assigning individual and/or group tee times is determined by the number of points earned by those requesting the time. Ladies Playday tee times are organized by the Tournament Chair without regard to the amount of points you have accumulated on other play days.

Signing up for Tuesday play day

  • You may sign up 2 weeks in advance.
  • Sign up deadline is Wednesday at noon.
  • Use the phone tee time system or computer in pro shop.


** To use phone tee time system call 825-3509: Listen to the prompts. **


1) Enter 3 to make an event request

2) Enter 1 to confirm event request

3) Enter 1 for Ladies 18 Hole Event

4) Enter the date you wish to play (MMDDYY)

5) Press 1 to accept date or 2 to reject

6) Enter the captain’s number (This is your local #)

7) Press 1 to accept your event request or 2 to reject

The system will issue a 5-digit confirmation number. If you do not get one, your request is not accepted by the system and there is no request or booking. It is important to write down the confirmation # in case you need to cancel.


Enter 3 to make an event request

Enter 2 to cancel an event request

Enter your 5-digit confirmation number. (The system will repeat your information)

Follow the prompts to accept or reject your request.

After sign-up deadline, call or email Tournament Chair. If you must cancel the day of the event, call the pro shop.

To find out your assigned tee time for Tuesday, visit the MPWGA web site (see below) and click on tee times and/or check the bulletin board in the Pro Shops. The tee times will be posted at both golf courses and on the web by Sunday before Tuesday play day.

FEE for Tuesday play day is currently $4.00. The money covers $3.00 for the prize pool, $1.00 for use of the driving range (that play day only). Prize money is awarded in pro shop credits. The fee does not include your green fees.

REMEMBER posting your score from play day is done by the Tournament Chair.