Since January 1, 2016, all MPWGA players have had the option of playing from the Yellow Tees on Tuesday Play Days at MountainView. There are two ways to request this option. First, it can be requested on the Membership Application at the beginning of any year. Or secondly, it can be requested by contacting the Weekly Events Chair anytime during the membership year. Here are some important things to know if you choose to use this option:

  • Play from the Yellow Tees will only exclude winning in any GROSS format tournament, such as Ace of the Month/Year (Gross) and Club Championship.

  • Once you have opted to play from the Yellow Tees, you may later choose to opt out. If you do opt out, then you may not request the Yellow Tees again until the next year.

  • Different tees usually have different USGA Course Ratings, with the higher rated course being more difficult. Rule 3-5 of the USGA Handicap Manual requires that when players are competing from different tees, the player playing from the set of tees with the higher course rating receives additional strokes equal to the difference between each course rating, with .5 or greater rounded upward. These additional strokes may be added to the Course Handicap of the player playing from the higher-rated set of tees, or alternatively, it may be subtracted from the Course Handicap of the player playing from the tees with the lower course rating.

  • What does this mean at MountainView Golf Course? If you play from the Yellow Tees competing against other MPWGA members playing from the Red Tees, you will receive two less strokes than your Course Handicap for the Yellow Tees. This is because the difference between the two course ratings is 2.3. (Red Tees are rated 68.3 and Yellow Tees are rated 66.0.)

  • The two strokes subtracted from your Course Handicap as explained above, are to be disregarded when applying ESC for posting of your score. For example, if you normally have a 31 Course Handicap from the Yellow Tees, then your max is 9 on each hole for posting your score. When 2 strokes are subtracted on Tuesday Play Day, even though your Course Handicap is 29 for the competition, your max is still 9 on each hole for posting. This will be automatically done for you when your Tuesday Play Day scores are posted by the Weekly Events Chair.

    Updated March 2019