Catalina Cup is a Gross and Net Match Play competition between ten local clubs taking place between October and May.  Six team members divided by USGA Handicap into three flights are sent from each of ten participating clubs to play one another.  Each team member is limited to a maximum handicap index of 26.  Points awarded at each competition are accumulated throughout the season.  Plaques are awarded at the culmination of the season to the team with the most overall points, the team with the most gross points and the team with the most net points.

A list of interested players is kept by the Catalina Cup captain and co-captain and those potential players will be notified, via email, about three weeks before a scheduled event and asked to respond if they are available to play.  A team will be selected from the resulting list of respondents.

The cost for play will be approximately $45 per event and the selected players will be required to deposit their checks into the MPWGA BLACK box in the MV Pro Shop hallway at least one week before the event, or as instructed by the captain/co-captain.

This is a wonderful opportunity to support and represent our MPWGA league.

Catalina Cup Tournament Dates 2017/18    –    Captains: Ann Martin & Tina Donovan

Club Date Day of week Start time Cost Index Date
The Views 11/13/2017 Mon 8:00 $45 1-Nov
The Highlands 12/5/2017 Tues 8:00 $45 15-Nov
Oro Valley 1/29/2018 Mon 11:00 $45 15-Jan
El Conquistador 2/5/2018 Mon 12:00 $45 15-Jan
La Paloma 2/26/2018 Mon 9:00 $45 15-Feb
SaddleBrooke 3/26/2018 Mon 12:30 $45 15-Mar
MV/Preserve 4/2/2018 Mon 8:00 $45 15-Mar
Skyline 4/16/2018 Mon 9:00 $45 1-Apr
The Gallery GC 4/25/2018 Wed 7:30 $45 15-Apr
Tucson National None

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