Course Orientation

FROST DELAYS: During winter months, we may experience FROST DELAYS. To get the information for your day of play, call the phone tee time system at 825-3509 for the recorded message or check the MPWGA website home page which will also have this information. If you have additional questions, contact the pro shop directly. Always use the 90 degree golf cart rule unless posted in pro shop for “cart path only”. Our summers are hot! Make sure you drink enough water! Water is provided only at the restrooms. We do not have a beverage cart. You may carry your own small cooler with drinks and/or ice.

The MV course has black, purple, green, wine, and yellow tees. Play from the set of tees that best suits your handicap. Ladies play day events always use the wine tees, with occasional play from the “mixed tees” (wine/green). The MV restrooms are located between #5 green and #6 tee, next to #13 green and near the Grill’s patio. An ice machine is also located on the patio near the restrooms.

The Preserve has zinc, gold, platinum and copper tees. Ladies play day is always from the copper tees. The Preserve restrooms, ice machine, soda machine and range balls are located at the driving range. There is a restroom, ice machine, and soda machine on the course at the intersection of #4 green and #8 tee. There is also a portable restroom between #14 green and #15 tee.

All yardages are measured from the center of the green. Colored cement slabs are placed on the fairways marking distance to the center of the greens. Blue is 200 yards, white is 150 yards, and red is 100 yards.

There is a dress code. No blue jeans, tank tops, or short-shorts. Collared shirts/blouses are required.

Please keep up with the group in front of you. Our rangers will remind you if you get too far behind.

INTERNET POSTING: You may now post all of your scores, including away scores, via the Internet, using the link from our website to the AWGA website. Simply click on the Post Your Score icon on the Home page of our website. You must log in to the AWGA site with your AWGA member number and password.

BREAK PINS: MPWGA gives “Break Pins” the first time you break 100, 90, 80 in League Play. You must putt out to have a valid “Break” score. To receive your pin, write on your Tuesday scorecard “Break Pin” or call the Tournament Chair.

NOTE: When there is a Special Event planned on a Tuesday, there will be a flyer and registration forms available at the Mountainview Golf Shop as well as on the website. This event has to be paid for in advance, with your registration form filled out and turned into the Mountainview Pro Shop. There will be NO REFUNDS after deadline date. You also need to submit an event request through the Chelsea system for these events. Flyers will be out well in advance of the Special Event.

TEE TIME POINT ASSESSMENT: This system is to ensure that the same people don’t always get the popular tee times. For more information, go to our website and click on “Course Info”. Then click on “Point System”.

Updated: 04/16/2012